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    ציפ ל פליסטשיין 2 דגם Crystal Chip 2.0 PRO SLE

    הציפ החזק ביותר עם זיכרון 2 מ"ב
    SKU: 845
    Availability: 100 in stock
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    Delivery date: Delivery up to 2 business days
    • קישור לאתר יצרן לחץ כאן
    • Full Autoboot of all media, 100% no-swap direct boot
    • העלאה מלאה של כל סוגי המדיה , העלאה מהירה וישירה
    • Compatible with all console revisions v1 - v15b
    • Compatible with all PAL/NTSC sytems, all regions supported
    • HDD, USB, MC, Flash "Dev Mode" support
    • DVD Region Free with RCE, Green Screen(RGB) Fix and DVD Color Fix
    • Macrovision "OFF"
    • Upgradable firmware
    • Quick boot mode
    • Hardware and software based boot modes such as "Sleep","Enhanced" and "Minimal"
    • PBAT scripting for automating homebrew software and menus
    • Installation control onboard LED
    • High timing stability - Onboard Crystal Oscillator
    • Hardware Recovery Mode
    • Completely jumperless, auto-configuration
    • New 2 megabyte Dataflash with DFFS (DataFlashFileSystem)
    • Multdisc-Games Support
    • ACTEL FPGA Technology
    • Custom glitch detection logic & noise filter
    • Professional 4-Layer redesigned PCB
    • Gold-plated solder pads for high-quality connection
    • Easy installation, max. of only 21 wires
    • High quality anti-static packaging incl. case sticker
    • Quality & functionality control for each item
    Software features: